Mesão Provesende

Guesthouse with three Studio Apartments and two Rooms and Swimming Pool in Provesende.

These comfortably furnished studio-apartments with the 4 meters high ceiling are situated in Provezende, a traditional wine village in the Douro Valley (UNESCO world heritage), Northern Portugal, at 8 km from Pinhão, where men play domino on the terrace of the local café and women do the laundry at the nearby fountain. In the friendly village you can find besides the simple rural cottages, old manor houses which remind of the noble port families of these surroundings. At the end of the nineteenth century Phylloxera destroyed most of the vineyards in Europe. In the Douro the fight against the grape louse started in Provezende and that is why it takes an important place in the history of vine growing in the Port region.

Garden, Vineyard View and Swimming Pool

The accommodations are part of a large manor house with over one meter thick walls. The studio apartments have their own entrance. From one of the terraces in the beautiful garden you can enjoy the view on the vineyard slopes and the distant villages with characteristic whitewashed houses. Enjoying the sun on your terrace you experience the peaceful quietness that is still to be found here. 

Studio 1

The 45m2 Studio 1 has a comfortable king size box spring bed, a living area, sufficient cupboard space, a dining part and an entirely arranged kitchenette. It is suitable for two adults with one or two small children. The nature stone outside wall of the house has remained visible and above the bed is hanging a large chandelier. The modern bathroom has a wash-hand basin, toilet and a wide, luxurious rain shower. 

Studio 2

A slightly smaller studio, but because of the special position of the shower and the use of color here, a nice space is created with the same amenities for a wonderful vacation in perhaps the most beautiful wine region in the world.

Studio 3

 In combination with Studio 1 also to use as a family room.

Rooms in the upper part of the house

Since 2015 you can also enjoy the spectacular view from your room or veranda in the upper part of the house.


We serve breakfast. But you can have breakfast for example at cafe Central on the village square or on your private terrace. Bread you buy at the local bakery. Vegetables, eggs, milk etc. you will find in one of the two small grocery shops, where you also can have a glass of port before you start preparing the evening meal. Of course you can also go out for dinner in one of the many little restaurants in the neighbourhood. 

A brisk walk will take you to an amazing place in the Pinhão river where on a warm summers day  you can relax, go for a swim and enjoy your picnic. You could also have one prepared by Jet and Ronald.

Many people already know Provesende although they don’t realise it. For example the well-known port of Warre's is made at Quinta da Cavadinha in Provesende. And one of the families in the village makes, in association with Niepoort, wine and port under the name of Morgadio da Calçada. The winemaker of Quinta de la Rosa, Jorge Moreira, produces here his Poeira.

(in euros, breakfast included)

Studio 1

€ 474,00/week        € 79,00/night        € 292,50/4 nights 

Studio 2

€ 456,00/week        € 76,00/night        € 282,00/4 nights 

Studio 3

€ 432,00/week        € 72,00/night        € 265,00/4 nights

Room in the Upper House

€ 432,00/week        € 72,00/night        € 265,00/4 nights

Room with View in the Upper House

€ 468,00/week        € 78,00/night        € 287,50/4 nights

Studio 1+2+3 (without breakfast)

€ 1125,00/week        € 195,00/night       € 715,00/4 nights 

Studio 1+3 (family room, 2 adults + 2 children, without breakfast)

€ 720,00/week
€ 120,00/night
€ 425,00/4 nights

The House (without breakfast, 12-14 persons)

€ 2350,00/week € 390,00/night € 1450,00/4 nights

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 3